Posted by: Bert Copple | August 22, 2013

Love Labors For Others

supermarketMost of us look forward to Labor Day as the last real blast of summer fun. But the three day weekend also affords us some extra time to accomplish those things that we always plan on, but don’t always get around to actually doing, like helping out a senior loved one or neighbor with their to-do list.

At Home Instead Senior Care serving the Detroit metro, Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, and Southeast Oakland County, we have some suggestions on how you can do just that:

  • If you notice that a senior on your street isn’t as on top of their yard work as they used to be, offer to spend a few hours weeding or mowing or clearing out their rain gutters for fall. Enlisting younger family members to help will provide you with some quality time together and teach them a valuable lesson about service to others.
  • For seniors who don’t drive, the simple act of taking care of a few errands can be an overwhelming challenge. Chances are you have some running around to do in the same part of town so why not offer to take them along and kill two birds with one stone?
  • Expiration dates on food packaging can be difficult for seniors to read. You can tactfully help your senior get rid of their old pantry and fridge items by combining your clean-out mission with a trip to the grocery story. As you’re helping to put the groceries away, check the food that is already there to make sure it’s still fresh.
  • If you or an organization you belong to is planning a fall garage sale, ask your senior if they would like to include anything and then help them get the items ready to sell (digging them out from the basement, dusting them off, bringing them to the sale location).

We hope you and the seniors in your life have a happy, healthy and safe Labor Day weekend.

For more information about helping seniors, please us at 248-203-2273, visit our website, or Like us on Facebook.


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