Posted by: Bert Copple | February 17, 2011

AARP Study Shows Baby Boomers “Optimistic About their Future”

Leading-edge Baby Boomers who are approaching age 65 remain characteristically optimistic about their future and pleased with their life choices, according to a new AARP survey on the attitudes, feelings and outlooks of Americans born in 1946.

According to “Approaching 65: A Survey of Baby Boomers Turning 65,” they intend to stay active into traditional retirement years in the workplace and beyond.

Among the survey findings:

·         While just more than half (54 percent) of leading-edge Boomers are retired, 34 percent are still in the workforce. Of those currently employed or looking for work, 35 percent returned to the workforce after retiring from a previous career. Almost three in 10 of these working Boomers expect to retire at age 70 or later. Four in 10 say they “plan to work until (they) drop.”

·         While about half of these Boomers feel uncertain and 43 percent are anxious about the next five years, the overwhelming majority feel hopeful (87 percent) and confident (84 percent). Boomers feel that the next five years will be fulfilling (84 percent) and exciting (70 percent.) Just 25 percent think the coming years will be boring.

·         Overall, these leading-edge Boomers are comfortable and satisfied with what they have achieved. Seven in 10 said they have achieved all or most of what they want, and another 26 percent have achieved at least some of it.

·         These Boomers do have some concerns about their lives, primarily about their health and personal finances. Just over 30 percent say their health and personal finances are in worse condition than they previously expected. More than a fourth cite money and health as the biggest obstacles to achieving their dreams over the next five years.

The study show the numbers, but we want to know how you actually feel about your future. Baby Boomers out there, check out the link and watch the video produced by Home Instead Senior Care, and after leave a comment about what you plan to do with your future.

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