Posted by: Bert Copple | September 22, 2010

Men Are More Susceptible to Memory Decline

According to a new study, men are more susceptible than women to memory loss in old age.

A condition in which people start to have problems thinking beyond that of normal aging, known as mild cognitive impairment, can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. The new research found that mild cognitive impairment is 1.5 times more common in men than women.

“This is the first study conducted among community-dwelling persons to find a higher prevalence of MCI in men,” said study researcher Ronald Petersen, the director of Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in Rochester, Minn. “If these results are confirmed in other studies, it may suggest that factors related to gender play a role in the disease. For example, men may experience cognitive decline earlier in life but more gradually, whereas women may transition from normal memory directly to dementia at a later age but more quickly.”

As many studies have revealed, reading and other mentally active exercises can delay cognitive decline, but like I said in my recent blog, once signs of dementia start to appear, it seems to progress faster than if it hadn’t been postponed.

Another study was conducted, and resulted in 19 percent of men had mild cognitive impairment compared with 14 percent of women.

People in the study with low education levels and those who were never married had higher rates of mild cognitive impairment than those who were married or highly educated.

It seems as though there are so many studies now that provide more insight into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but we keep finding out more negatives than positives. It is very valuable information though, and I would suggest doing further web search to find out more information. But if you have a loved one that is in need of dementia/Alzheimer’s care, there is no better place to look than Home Instead Senior Care.

Home Instead Senior Care will provide outstanding caregivers to help your loved one with personal care, incidental travel, companionship, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and even meal preparation. To learn more, call 248-203-2273 or visit . Home Instead Senior Care is the world’s trusted source of in-home non-commercial personal care and companionship for seniors. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. And remember, to us, it’s personal.



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