Posted by: Bert Copple | September 14, 2010

Technology Helping Seniors Stay at Home

NPR has been conducting a series about seniors aging at home. Part two of their segment focuses on a company that uses motion sensing technology to feed information about a senior’s day to their adult children.

“These companies are… betting on a big market as the baby boomers enter old age. Chris Bridgers says a basic package includes about a dozen motion sensors placed strategically around a house. They can provide adult children with a stunningly detailed rundown of a parent’s day” (Ludden, 8/23).

Although these sensors may be beneficial to “breaking down” what a senior does around the house during a day, it still removes the human touch and companionship that comes with a caregiver that will be there for assistance. This new technology seems to isolate the seniors and make it more about the children knowing what the seniors have been up to as opposed to what the parent really wants and needs.

Part three of this series looks at “wired homes,” following an elderly couple from Georgia who were monitored by a live video hookup from a company in Indiana.

“The scene may not seem so strange in the era of Skype, when many people use the computer to keep in touch with far-flung relatives. But [‘telegiver’ Denise] Cady can see almost every move the Fitzgeralds make. Their house is wired with video cameras … [the company’s] services start at $600 a month and can run well over $1,000 depending on how much active monitoring is needed. But that’s still a lot less than the average nursing home” (Ludden, 8/24).

This other form of technological help just brings up another issue: although the company can view the couple, what are they able to actually do for them when they are almost 800 miles apart? This just goes to show that nothing can compare to the human touch of caregivers, which Home Instead Senior Care provides for a much lower prices. And our caregivers can do much more than just record your loved one’s daily activities.

Home Instead Senior Care will provide outstanding caregivers to help your loved one with personal care, incidental travel, companionship, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and even meal preparation. To learn more, call 248-203-2273 or visit . Home Instead Senior Care is the world’s trusted source of in-home non-commercial personal care and companionship for seniors. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. And remember, to us, it’s personal.

SOURCE: Medical News Today


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