Posted by: Bert Copple | June 8, 2010

Baby Boomers Will Have to Innovate for the Future

As baby boomers are getting older, they will need to create non-traditional support networks as a means to take care of each other, or pay for the care that they receive.

Jacques Légaré, professor at the Université de Montréal who studies aging baby-boomers, came to this conclusion for a generation that had few children and stable couples are a rarity.

Mr. Légaré presented his findings at the 2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences which took place last week at Concordia University in Montreal.

It is usually the elderly person’s family circle that provides care. Mr. Légaré notes that about 70 per cent of the care provided for frail seniors comes from the informal network – essentially the spouse or the children. This is only possible because today’s elderly – baby-boomers’ parents – have more children to care for them and generally live in stable couples.

But this is going to change soon; divorce, common-law unions, blended families and relatively few children per couple are all factors that need to be considered. Also, death rates have dropped, increasing average life expectancy greatly. Couples who have not split up will be living together longer.

“Tomorrow’s elderly – today’s boomers – had far fewer children. Who will take care of them?” the professor wonders. “They risk finding themselves in difficult circumstances and might have to turn to the public system or pay their way.”

If informal services change, the public system must also adapt. “Boomers have done nothing like the others,” Mr. Légaré points out. “They stand out from the other cohorts, and we believe they will do so again.”

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